Valentine’s Day Fox Love Coffee Sleeve Pattern

Last month, I shared this fun pattern for a crochet fox appliqued coffee sleeve. It was the very first pattern I’ve ever written and shared with the world and I got some great feedback – thank you for that. I’d really like to share more, different patterns in the future, but I just haven’t had time to pull all that together. They’re coming, though. I promise.

In the meantime, I thought some Valentine’s Day fox love was in order so I threw this pretty little fox together to adorn my coffee cups for the next few weeks.

Valentine's Day Fox Love Coffee Sleeve Pattern | Chaos & Love

And because she’s so very cute, I also drew up thepattern for the fox applique which could go on a coffee sleeve, hat or even a Valentine’s day card! I love working with felt so this was a really fun project for me.

Want a Valentine’s Day Fox Love Coffee Sleeve of your own? Click here for the pattern.

Want some more super cute Valentine’s Day fox inspiration? My friend Wendy pulled together a collection of the very best she found on Etsy. You can check that out here or see her entire What Does the Fox Say? board on Pinterest here.



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