Muffin Pan Eggs: Easy Breakfast Recipe

My time is super limited in the mornings thanks to two small boys who still don’t always sleep through the night. We sleep when we can so I don’t generally roll out of bed until the very last second.  It’s also not an option for me to wait until I get to work to eat because I by then I’m hangry and that’s not good for anyone. Enter, muffin pan eggs to save the day.

Muffin Pan Eggs: Easy Breakfast Idea | Chaos & Love

They really are the perfect solution to the breakfast dilemma because I can make them ahead and toss in the microwave while my coffee is brewing and they’re ready in time for me to run out the door. They would be a great brunch idea or (as suggested in the comments) a fun, DIY breakfast bar for the family, too.

Muffin Pan Eggs: Easy Breakfast Recipe | Chaos & Love

I first stumbled on the the recipe for muffin pan eggs when I experimented with the South Beach Diet a few years back. It took some experimentation to figure out how to cook the eggs to my well-done tastes, but I eventually got there. I using real egg instead of egg substitute was the answer.

Muffin Pan Eggs: Easy Breakfast Idea | Chaos & Love

Muffin pan eggs are super easy to make and have endless variations.  For this version, I use turkey breakfast sausage, mushrooms, green onion and a 2% cheese blend. A chile relleno version with diced green chile, salsa and some creamy Mexican cheese would be good, too. Or how about a Denver omelet version with chopped ham, onions, bell peppers and a little sharp cheese?

Muffin Pan Eggs: Easy Breakfast Idea | Chaos & Love

What’s your family’s go to breakfast plan? I’d love to hear about any variations you come up with for muffin pan eggs – we’re always looking for new ones to try.

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    • Jessica says

      The sticking to the pan thing seems to be hit or miss. I think if you greased the pan it might work better, but I haven’t tried it that way yet.

  1. Allison says

    I have found that if you turn the pan on a cooling rack (like you would a cake to cool), it seems to keep them from sticking since the pan isn’t cooling and allowing them to restick! I did 2 small batches tonight (since I don’t have a 12 ct muffin tin). I did that with the 2nd batch and no sticking at all. I had LOTS of sticking with the first batch, though… I waited for them to cool first. That’s the only difference!

  2. Megan says

    I just made these this morning and they turned out great! I gathered all the ingredients and ‘toppings’ and let the kids fill their own parts of the muffin tins, and they loved them! I sprayed each muffin tin with a quick spritz of cooking spray and had minor sticking. Thanks so much for the recipe, will be making this again and again! :)

  3. Jennifer says

    I was wondering how long they’d last in the fridge? Have you ever froze them and heated them up? Thanks so much.

    • Jessica Ferrara says

      They last about 5 days in the fridge based on my experience. I don’t freeze them, but I’m sure you could.


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