Menu Plan Monday – Paleo Style

I’ve been on a meal planning roll of late, but this week is a bit of a challenge. We had Joey’s party yesterday and today’s a holiday. A couple of days we will be busy with my brother-in-law’s memorial. Joey’s FOURTH birthday {how does that happen?} is Friday and I’m taking him out to “Daddy’s work” for dinner. Even with all of that, I’ll still need to have things to eat a few days.

Thanks to Sal’s super nice friend at work, I have an elk roast {who am I again?} in the freezer and I’m pretty sure there’s some ground turkey too. Since I’m all about using what’s in the freezer these days, I figured I better do some research about what one does with an elk roast. I’m still looking for a recipe that jumps out at me, but it can’t be THAT hard, right?

Regardless, I think I’ll serve it with a green bean version of this super awesome broccoli casserole.

Source: via Jessica // on Pinterest

I think I’ll make these meatballs with ground turkey even though I’d prefer to use pork.

Source: via Jessica // on Pinterest

And doesn’t this carrot souffle look tasty? I think it will be a good compliment to the meatballs, plus my boys love all things carrot.

Source: via Jessica // on Pinterest

What’s on your menu this week? Any suggestions for what to do with ground elk? I have some of that in my freezer, too, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.



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